Flamous Brands


One of the founders owned a neighborhood restaurant in Pasadena, CA where he created a recipe for a snack chip that was so healthy and so delicious, we had to share it with the world! He partnered with a family member and together they launched Flamous Brands, Inc. in 2007. Since then, this family-owned and operated business has grown to be what it is today – a nationally recognized brand that produces quality snack chips for people of all ages!


Our Vision


Like all innovative companies – we wanted to stand by the healthy integrity of our Falafel chips and stand out by being unique. For years, our goal was to create a snack that we not only eat ourselves, but snacks that we are proud to share with all our friends and families. We're committed to the quality ingredients in every chip and we're huge supporters of the Non-GMO Project. We make sure that all of the ingredients we source are Non-GMO and USDA Verified. We strive everyday to continue to grow in this healthy snack industry. Flamous Brands, Inc. is now a internationally recognized brand that developed, not only the first Falafel and Zatar chips, but new flavors and concepts for the world to enjoy!



Did You Know? 

Those of us here at Flamous Brands are confident our chips speak for themselves. It's hard to compare to a snack you enjoy that is made with 21 herbs, vegetables, spices, and legumes. All of our products are made with at least 21 ingredients, which not only makes them healthy, but extremely tasty as well. Ounce-per-ounce, we have a higher antioxidant value than that of green tea or vegetable juice – at least 10x more to be exact! The best part is that we are free of most common allergens.